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ESKA CD Album (Signed)

CD $12.99

Release Date: 27/04/2015

Discs: 1

With her long awaited, self-titled debut album, ESKA claims her rightful place as one of the most distinctive and important voices in contemporary music. Drawing on influences from folk and soul to psychedelia and electronica, the incredible diversity of ESKA is a testament to her depth and versatility as an artist. ESKA has created something pure and timeless which nods to past traditions whilst managing to surprise with its stunning originality.

“For each song here is both an independent entity of striking originality and a vital part of a truly cohesive album that is sure to be deemed a classic in decades to come.” – Howard Male, Independent On Sunday

1. This Is How A Garden Grows
2. Gatekeeper
3. Rock Of Ages
4. Boundaries
5. She's In The Flowers
6. Shades Of Blue
7. Heroes & Villains
8. To Be Remembered
9. Dear Evelyn
10. So Long Eddy